Here's Why You Should Take TESDA Courses

Acquiring knowledge, especially for chasing job opportunities, is highly commendable. Thankfully, organizations like the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority exist to help you obtain excellent skills with ease through their various TESDA courses.


There are more than a hundred TESDA courses offered both online and face-to-face that you may choose from. These TESDA programs cover various knowledge areas and will grant you a nationwide-recognized certificate that you can use to better your career. Impressive, right?


Thinking of signing up for one or two TESDA programs? Then you better read this first. Here are some reasons you should take TESDA Courses as soon as today.


Online Courses are FREE

Yes, that’s right, you don’t need to pay a single peso if you want to access TESDA courses online. Just go to their website, create an account, check out their spectacular list of programs, and pick which one you'd like to have a go at first. Another thing to love about free e-TESDA courses is that you can learn them at your own pace. This is pretty handy, especially if you're still busy with other things.


It’s worth noting that there’s still a TESDA courses tuition fee (amount may vary depending on the course) that you must settle should you decide to do face-to-face classes.


You’ll Learn Valuable Skills

TESDA is known for providing high-quality education and training for its students. Taking up a TESDA course will assist you in honing and learning the skills that you can use to achieve success.


And since TESDA programs cover different industries, you can learn skills from various niches such as baking, computer technician, 3D Game art development, and furniture making.


They Are Highly Accessible

Another thing that you'd enjoy if you decide to take up TESDA courses is how easily accessible they are. For TESDA courses online programs, you can just head over to their site and pick which subject to sign up on.


And for face-to-face classes, all you have to do is go to your local TESDA training school or center in your area to start. Good thing there are TESDA-accredited learning schools in most municipals in the country, so you wouldn’t have to go far to learn new skills!


You’ll Get an Option for Continuous Learning

Just finished a six-month-long program, and you want to study a related course that will last for two to four years? Then don't worry because TESDA will credit the classes you've already taken, so you graduate with that degree sooner. And when you're done with that, you can study other TESDA courses until you acquire all the skills you need.


They Can Help You Find a Job

Unlike other groups that offer short courses and four-year-long degree programs, TESDA helps its students secure a job once they graduate. They do this by using their partnerships with organizations from all industries.


TESDA will do its best to ensure that the job you will get is related to your course. No career job mismatch on their watch!


You’ll get a National Certificate or Certificate of Competency

Probably one of the best reasons to take up TESDA courses. Having a National Certificate or Certificate of Competency with your name guarantees you better chances of securing high-paying jobs.


To get a national Certificate or Certificate of Competency from TESDA, one must go through the Philippine TVET Competency Assessment and Certification System and pass with flying colors. If you're successful, you will be awarded a national certificate that has a number type depending on which TESDA course you've taken.


Having a National Certificate or Certificate of Competency means that your skills have met TESDA's required level of competency. You will then be added to the organization's database that TESDA uses to recommend applicants for local and international jobs.


Final Words

These are some reasons you should take TESDA courses offered on their online and real-life platforms. The programs that TESDA will help you get the most in-demand skills that you can utilize to improve yourself and get your dream job!


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