Beginner’s Guide on How to Learn App Development in 2022

The art of app development has quickly grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry over the last couple of years. And its immense growth has prompted countless aspiring app developers to start developing their own stuff in hopes of earning money, fame, and valuable experience. Do you want to follow their lead? Do you also want to learn how to develop apps? You've come to the right place then because, in this article, we’ll teach you how to learn app development in 2022. And with that being said, let’s begin.


How To Learn App Development

Listed below are the steps on how to learn to develop an app. Check them out:


Pick a Platform

Assuming you already have a clear idea of how your app should turn out, the first thing you need to do to develop is to decide the platform you will use. The good news is that there are several trustworthy platforms out there. However, if you want your app to have a wider reach and more downloads, you need to choose the most popular ones, such as Android and IOS.

Both IOS and Android boast different programming languages and controls to help create your app. Thus, it's vital to select the platform that suits your programming skills the most. IOS is the recommended platform if you're well-versed in Swift or Objective-C languages. Meanwhile, Android is perfect if you are more familiar with the Java language.


Assess Your Knowledge and Decide How You Want to Learn the Required Skills

Developing an app demands an extensive amount of knowledge in using a variety of programming languages and software to get desired results. Since you're likely a newbie in the field, your next step is to assess the amount of programming knowledge you already have, so you'll know just how long does it take to learn app development and how to acquire all the skills needed to get the job done.

Luckily, there are several ways to learn all the essential skills needed for mobile app development. You can either take up a bachelor’s degree in computer programming or computer science at any of the local universities such as the University of the Philippines and University of Baguio (although this would take you years to finish), teach yourself with the help of proper research and Youtube videos, or enroll in app development courses available online.

Some of the websites that offer the best courses on how to learn app development for free or with minimal charge include:  


Equip Yourself with the Right Coding Knowledge

As mentioned earlier, IOS and Android use different programming languages and functions to create and develop applications. This means that if you want to know how to learn app development from scratch, you need to master the programming language and software used by your preferred platform.

If you choose to develop your app on IOS, you need to familiarize yourself with these programming languages and software:

But if you decide to use the Android platform, you need to be able to code the following programming languages:


Practice a LOT

Having coding knowledge and familiarity with the programs required for the development process may still not give you the guarantee of being able to create a proper app. Hence, you need to practice your skills until you can produce the best possible version of your app.


Test then Publish Your App

All good developers know that you just don’t publish an app on your chosen platform without putting it on a dry run. Testing your app will help you get rid of the unexpected system bugs that it may have. For this, you can ask your friends and family to download a beta version of the app you are working on and use it for quite some time. After the period you've set, you can interview them and ask what they think about your app and the areas where it can still be improved. This will give you a clearer perception of the experience that your app's users have. And when everything is set, and you are happy with the final product, that's when you may publish it on the app market.


Try Out Other Platforms

After publishing your app, and hopefully, it does well, the next step for you as a mobile app developer is to shift to other platforms. As mentioned earlier, each platform uses different programming languages and other software. So, by doing this, you will not only gain new knowledge and skills, but you will also be able to unlock a new market for your product app. This will also give you more experience in the programming field and possible additional success.


Final Words

These are the steps on how to learn app development that you must follow if you want to start creating your own apps. Still feels a little complicated, right? Well, as it should because the best apps out there were products of weeks, months, and even years of work. If you're keen to learn app development, you must invest enough time, patience, and effort to understand the entire process. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to achieve the results you want.


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