Top Law Schools in the Philippines for 2022

Interested in pursuing law but have no idea which school will propel you to the best law firm?  Most people will say UP College of Law is the best place since most of the top politicians in the Philippines are law graduates from the University of the Philippines Diliman.  Recently, however, the board exam top notchers have come from other schools.

Law is not one of the easiest courses out there, but due to the countless great opportunities that come after, it’s really not surprising why a lot of students still pursue a degree on it. If you are one of those who are dreaming to become a lawyer one day, then you must be wondering which is the best law school in the Philippines to apply to. Well, that’s what we are going to help you with today because this article will be all about the top law schools in the Philippines this 2022. 

In the last 7 years, Manila-based universities have dominated the Bar topnotcher lists, with the law schools of Ateneo de Manila, University of the Philippines, and San Beda taking the top spots.

This list is based on the recent Legal Education Board’s school ranking. They are the schools that did the best when it came to bar exams and had 63 or more participants. 


1. University of the Philippines Diliman

Board Exam Passing Rate: 82.46%

The top law school in the Philippines for 2022 is no other than the University of the Philippines – Diliman. According to the 2019 bar exam results, UP-D was the best performing school with a passing rate average of 82.46%. They were also among the top-performing universities during the 2018 and 2015 bar exams. 


2. Ateneo de Manila University

Board Exam Passing Rate: 81.38%

Taking the runner-up spot is ADMU. This university was previously the best performing school in the 2018 bar exams. And similar to UP, Ateneo De Manila was also one of the best colleges during the bar examinations in 2015. 


3. San Beda College-Manila

Board Exam Passing Rate: 77.55%

San Beda has been considered as one of the best law schools in the Philippines for many years now, and rightfully so. After finishing at number six on the 2018 school rankings, they were able to take the third spot for the 2022 list thanks to the outstanding performance of their students during the 2019 board exams. 


4. University of Santo Tomas

Board Exam Passing Rate: 75.63%

The oldest university in the Philippines is also a constant top-performer in board exams. UST ranked at number seven in the 2018 school ranking and was also one of the schools that got the highest passing rates in the 2015 licensure examinations. 


5. University of San Carlos

Board Exam Passing Rate: 65.31%

USC is also one of the top law schools in the country. It has produced many exam top-notchers and was frequently included in all top law colleges lists in recent years.


The universities we listed above are the top five best law schools in the Philippines this 2022. Check out each one of them and see which one suits your taste the most. But wait, we're not done yet because now, we are going to be sharing five more universities that you can check out, so It’ll be easier to decide which one is the best law school in the Philippines for you. 

6. University of Cebu

Board Exam Passing Rate: 60.32%


7. De La Salle University - Manila

Board Exam Passing Rate: 52.55%


8. Saint Louis University

Board Exam Passing Rate: 51.92%


9. University of the Cordilleras

Board Exam Passing Rate: 45.90%


10. San Beda College - Alabang

Board Exam Passing Rate: 40.46%


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