SEAMAC International Training Institute, Inc.

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  • sealane building, 867 g. tolentino street, sampaloc, manila city, metro manila
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Seamac International Training Institute is TESDA accredited training center that offered courses in Manila.

Advance Welding Course (TIG, MIG and Cutting Process) Basic Welding and Fabrication Engine Room Workshop Practice Fuel Management Course Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW/MIG) Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW/TIG) Lathe Machine Operation (Intermediate) (TESDA ACCREDITED) Marine Diesel Mechanics Oxyacetylene Welding and Cutting Plate Welding-Leading to SMAW NC II (TESDA ACCREDITED) Practical Basic Electric and Gas Welding Shipboard Engine Operations (CADET Program) Shipboard Engine Operations for Junior Officer Shipboard Engine Operations for Officer Shipboard Engine Operations for Ratings Shipboard Fitter Course Shipboard Lathe Machine Course Shipboard Maintenance and Repair of Diesel Engine Shipboard Operation for Engine Ratings Shipboard Welding Course SMAW Advance Welding (Carbon Steel Pipe and Plate Cast Iron) SMAW Pipe Welding Trade Test (Welding, Lathe Machine, Fitter) Shipboard Operation for Deck Ratings Shipboard Operation for Deck Officers (BULK CARRIERS) Shipboard Operation for Deck Officers (TANKER) Basic Training for Bosun Shipboard Painting and Surface Preparation Safe Mooring Practice FRAMO Pumps Operation Baking Course Catering Management Food Hygiene and Sanitation Course (HACCP) Messman Course Shipboard Cleaning Management Course Shipboard Culinary Course (ILO 69) Shipboard Healthy Cooking and Nutrition Diet Upgrading Course for Cooks (ILO 69) Victualing Course Trade Test (Cook) Shipboard Metal Arc Welding Lathe Machine Operation Commercial Cooking (Shipboard Culinary Course) (SEABASED/LANDBASED) Cooking for Housewives

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  • Entrance Exam: Yes
  • Classes Start At: --N/A--
  • Term Structure: --N/A--
  • Ownership: --N/A--
  • Religious Affiliation: None
  • Face to Face Class?: Yes
  • Offer Online Class?: No
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